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Community Living

Community living programs provide support and services for people who have limitations to independence in their home.  Limitations include skills that people without disabilities take for granted, such as: nutrition, meal planning and preparation; transportation; medical appointments and medication management; recreation and the importance of stress management; social acceptance skills; and safety and general household maintenance. Direct support professionals are trained to customize services in community living settings to provided individualized supports to each person. CES owns and operates affordable, accessible housing that is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CES also provides supported living services for more independent people that takes place in a person’s home or apartment. 

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Vocational Opportunities

A job is an important part of all our lives. CES helps people find work that best matches their skills and interests. In a cooperative effort, CES and local businesses work together to provide inclusive jobs for adults with disabilities. If needed, CES’ staff are trained to provide job coaching and job development with a goal of maximizing independence and promoting productive lives in the community through employment. 


CES encourages businesses to hire qualified, skilled employees who happen to have a disability. Employers will experience many benefits by hiring persons from this untapped labor market. This includes training for supervisors and co-workers, ADA consulting and training, task modification to accommodate individualized needs, and financial benefits.

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Adult Day Services

At our adult day program, we provide meaningful activities based upon individual choice.  Needed supervision and support allows for these activities to be facility based, integrated into the community or a combination of both depending upon each person’s level of support and choice of activities.  Services are designed to maximize skills and abilities through the use of customized supports.  


Services include, but are not limited to, personal care, medication assistance, leisure activities, relationship building, mobility and strength training, attending multiple community activities and stimulation exercises. Services are individually based and provided in a safe environment conducive to each participant’s expressed needs.   


Ask us about our seasonal day habilitation activities calendar which is includes fun, engaging activities like music therapy, yoga class, hiking club, and reading circle!

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Community Integration


Skills such as personal appearance, social skills, stress management, communication, banking, cooking, leisure and educational skills are taught and enhanced through the Community Entry Services day habilitation program.

Classes at local community colleges, innovative methods of teaching reading, math and money management skills; and computer uses are educational options.

Senior citizens have the opportunity to participate in retirement based activities through local senior citizen centers as well as activities based in their home.

Sites and activities for teaching community skills are limited only to the needs and wants of the person using the day habilitation program.

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