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Sign Up for the Ultimate Towner to Support CES!

Date: Sunday May 21, 2023

Time: 10am-3pm

Location: Phil Baux Park in Jackson, WY

Want to support CES and have fun doing it? Sign up for the 10th Annual Ultimate Towner, an annual Jackson’s Team and Community Event! The theme this year is LOVE LIFE! Enjoy and challenge yourself on this 2-hour on-course event that combines old-school obstacles with Amazing Race checkpoint challenges located within one square mile of the town square. Proceeds go to Community Entry Services!

2023 Event Timeline Sunday, May 21st – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

  • 9:30 AM Phil Baux Park opens with Event Music

  • 10:00 AM Team warm-ups & start GETTING PSYCHED!

  • 11:00 AM Official Opening Ceremonies with course briefing for the NEW Amazing Race format, including a course safety briefing and important information about your Ultimate Experience.

  • 11:45 AM All Participant ULTIMATE ELEVATION Warm-Up

  • 12:00 AM Game On! All Towners Begin on Course

  • 2:00 PM Arrive at the Finish Line (PHIL BAUX PARK) for food, beverage, networking and closing ceremonies

  • 2:45 PM Prizes and awards

  • 3:00 PM Departures and course breakdown volunteer support (3-5 pm)

New Course! Towners will have up to 50 + obstacles and challenges at specific locations or completed “on the go” in any order the team chooses. Teams receive course information the week prior to the event. Teams strategize on their course and complete as many checkpoints and challenges as desired during the event!

New Event Scoring Instead of traditional start and finish timing, teams will earn points over a 2-hour period. Challenges are completed via a smartphone app by submitting text, photos and videos and are monitored by judges in real-time. a LIVE LEADERBOARD will be available for the first hour and 15 minutes of the event and total points will be announced during closing ceremonies!

New Challenges In addition to physical obstacles and challenges, teams will have the opportunity to complete a variety of challenges including JH trivia, team initiatives, creative, fun, team, and physical obstacles. FUN or FAST – Complete the challenges at your own pace and complete as much as you like over the two-hour course time.

Less Expensive $$ (50% off Discounts) Instead of the event price of $89 per adult, the 2023 Towner is $59 per adult, 12 and under $29! Winter discounts start at only $29 for a limited time!

More Prizes for Everyone! Instead of giving prizes for the fastest teams only, prizes will be given based on challenges completed. Businesses will sponsor checkpoints with prizes.

More Sponsorship Opportunities! One of our goals for the 2023 Towner is more community engagement by local businesses. We have a NEW sponsorship program where a business can donate prizes, sponsor checkpoints and co-branded event advertising and event media. Click here to get involved! Learn More

Enjoy amazing prizes donated by:

Soluna Restaurant


Orange Theory


New West Knifeworks >>> Mountain Man Toy Shop


Skinny Skis

Teton Mountaineering

Healing Waters

Lee’s Tees

JH Buffalo Meat Company



RSVP and stay connected on Facebook at the link:

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