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Meet this Months Featured Client: MaryJo Hauck

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

MaryJo Hauck has been a part of CES Riverton for all 33 years of her life so far!

Are you employed locally?

MaryJo is currently employed by Smiths Grocery Store as a courtesy clerk. "I have worked there since October 10, 2008. I love my job and my favorite thing about my job is getting paid and working with people who love me. I gather carts and trash, put items back that people decide they don't want, bag groceries, and clean restrooms. My favorite task is gathering carts because it works my muscles and my least favorite task is cleaning restrooms."

What's your favorite part/activity/thing about CES?

"Going on trips, hanging out with friends and staff. I love to plan trips to places like Comic-Con and DisneyLand. I love the acting classes. I have also done Art classes in the past and liked them. I like to do Art at the day site like painting on rocks and on canvas. When I paint, I usually have to think outside the box.”

What's your favorite outing?

"Going out to eat and my favorite place to eat is Oriental Palace and Subway."

Anything else you'd like to share?

"I love to help teach Mandt class. I help with teaching the physical techniques. I love the Special Olympics and I participate in Track, Basketball, Softball, and Bowling. I love that CES always figures out how to take me to the Special Olympics. I spend a lot of time watching movies and playing video games when I am home. I like that I am able to live in an apartment and do activities with my friends, like cooking, barbecuing, going to the lake, parades, etc. I like going to CES camp and the "girls camp" every summer. I love that I am able to spend time with my Mom when I want to.”

Thanks for sharing with us MaryJo! We love you!

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