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Introducing our new Jackson Program Director Liana Moskowitz!

Commencing September 1st, Liana Moskowitz will assume the role of Jackson Program Director for Community Entry Services. This coming on the heels of another successful Art of Love Fundraiser and making the final mortgage payment on the Jackson Day Habilitation and office site. As the previous Director of Client Services for Community Safety Network, Moskowitz is looking to foster the connections she has formed in community-based non-profit work over the past decade. Moskowitz was first introduced to CES when she served in direct client-services nine years prior. “I am dedicated to work that values and elevates our most vulnerable community members, specifically with organizations that promote independence and change on an empowerment-based model.” CES is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to maximize independence and lead satisfying productive lives in the community. Their programmatic supports emphasize individuals with disabilities making their own choices while being valued, respected community members.

Moskowitz, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, said that the mission of CES resonated with her as she found her place in Jackson. “When I moved to this town, the clients of CES became my family. Learning about the Jackson community through their perspective was fascinating. I quickly became aware of a genuinely caring community and the increased challenges vulnerable individuals face in rural Wyoming.”

In transition between two human-service organizations, Moskowitz has learned that maintaining staff is essential to supporting clients. “I am looking forward to working with the talented team of direct support professionals. I believe that in any human service organization, staff are the most valuable resource, and I value building an environment that enables staff to thrive in their work, which in turn improves outcomes for the clients.”

Previously, Moskowitz worked for an adoption agency providing economic empowerment with women who had aged out of orphanage care in Ethiopia, and it was here that she learned the importance of collaboration. CES’s dedication to supporting clients in the community can only be achieved through partnership with the community and entities that are willing to engage with a person with a disability. “Much of CES’s success is in its partnerships with those that provide meaningful and sustainable employment for clients, organizations that support athletics and adaptive pursuits and individuals that demonstrate an understanding of the importance of inclusion.” Moskowitz believe that all people have the right to live lives that they love and is thrilled about this opportunity to work towards that end as part of CES.

More about CES:

The 2022 fundraising season is underway. Join us for the annual Old Bill’s fundraiser! From now to September 16th, donate to CES using the link below to have your donations matched up to a certain amount. Every year, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole hosts this community-wide fundraiser. This fundraiser is particularly important because the Community Foundation matches a portion of all givings during the Old Bill's season thanks to a generous matching grant from Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill. This Old Bill's Giving Season, we are setting an ambitious goal; raising $100,000 between now and September 16th. Please donate at and click on the Old Bill’s Logo. Follow us on Instagram at @communityentryservicesjackson to stay connected, subscribe to our newsletter, and donate to CES through Old Bill’s.

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