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A vocational or life skills evaluation provides information to an individual and the rehabilitation team when developing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. Evaluations identify a person’s areas of strength and weakness, their learning styles, interests, and potential. They may consist of one or more of the following:

1. Psychometric Testing – assesses general cognitive functioning, reading and math skills, reasoning ability, gross and fine motor skills, information processing and response style, and most effective learning style. the information provided may assist in narrowing the selection of potential vocational choices.

2. Situational Assessment – assesses work habits, social skills and behavior, learning style, interaction with co-workers and supervisors, vocational interests and work quality and quantity. Information is obtained in these areas through observation of the person while he/she works on an actual job at CES, in the community or both.

3. Life Skills Evaluation – is a functional evaluation conducted in the person’s own home, a CES living site or supervised living in a community setting. CES staff assesses a person’s knowledge, abilities and skills in the areas of: Activities of Daily Living; personal and social interaction at home and in community settings; receptive and expressive communication; problem solving skills; knowledge of community resources and services, and level of maturity.  The information gathered is used to determine the person’s potential for independent community living and to make recommendations for services needed by the person to achieve the greatest possible level of independence.

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