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 Background - A History and background of CES.
 Services - For people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injury.
 Applying for Services - An explanation of and application for getting services.
 Employment Opportunities - Commonly asked questions and an application for applying.
 Contacting CES - Contact information for each office.
  Quality & Fiscal Reports - Quality Outcome Measure and Annual Report.
 Notice of Privacy Practices - HIPAA compliance and privacy practices.
 Web Sites - Other helpful and related organizations.
Background Information [ Back to Menu ]
  Community Entry Services (CES), a Wyoming based 501 (c)3 private non-profit corporation, has provided over 30 years of quality service to people with disabilities. Services are provided in Riverton, Lander, Jackson, and Casper, Wyoming. Since 1975, dedicated staff members have provided training to adults so they can live and work in their communities. CES now offers a variety of services to develop and enhance skills through two divisions - Dignity and Rocky Mountain ReEntry Services (RMRS) - for children and adults.

The purpose of Dignity is to help people with developmental disabilities gain the most independence possible in their community.

The purpose of RMRS is to provide services in the community to meet the individual needs of people who have a brain injury.

Incorporated in the Rocky Mountain area, CES helps people within Wyoming and surrounding states become independent, working, contributing members of their communities. CES is a member of Regional Service Providers (RSP) of Wyoming.
 Mission Statement
CES is dedicated to empower people with disabilities to maximize independence and to lead satisfying productive lives in the community.
 Vision Statement
CES will be the premier service provider for people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries in the State of Wyoming. Individuals will make their own life choices, while being valued, respected and contributing members of their community. Natural supports will enrich their lives on a daily basis where they live, learn, work, and play.  
Through the support and commitment of a volunteer board of directors, Community Entry Services meets the national standards of excellence established by CARF - The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission. All services provided by CES have been accredited every three years since 1981 - the highest accreditation award offered be CARF. The Wyoming Department of Health certifies CES to provide waivered services to people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries.

RISE ( Rehabilitation with Individual Skills Emphasized ), a day habilitation program for people living at the Wyoming State Training School., is accredited through the Wyoming Department of Health as a Title 19 ICF - MR (Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded).

Wyoming Worker's Safety Division has accredited us as a member of the Wyoming Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) for at least the last ten years. This assures that we have complied with OSHA standards and are exempt from compliance inspections.
  • Part of the State of Wyoming system that was recognized with the National Ben Censoni Award for outstanding services to persons with developmental disabilities in the decade of the 1990's.

  • Positive Image Award for an organization presented by the Wyoming Council on Developmental Disabilities.
  • Wyoming Governor's Safety Award

  • Business of the Year Award from the Riverton Chamber of Commerce.

  • Hall of Fame Inductee given by Wyoming Association for Persons in Supported Employment.

  • Positive Image Award for an individual given to the Jackson Program Director by the Wyoming Council on Developmental Disabilities.

  • Supported Employment Provider of the Year given to the Casper program by the Wyoming Association for Persons in Supported Employment (WYAPSE).

  • Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage recognized the RMRS Director for contributions toward outdoor recreational activities for individuals with disabilities throughout Wyoming.
Services [ Back to Menu ]
 Community Living
  Resident in KitchenCommunity living programs provide instruction and support for people having limitations to independence. Limitations include skills that people without disabilities take for granted, such as: nutrition, meal planning and preparation; transportation; medical appointments and medication management; recreation and the importance of stress management; social acceptance skills; and safety and general household maintenance.

Community integration is an important tool for learning. Modeling from others living in our community and participation in the many community activities offered throughout Teton, Sublette, Natrona and Fremont counties are vital in training and enhancing skills for the person receiving services from CES. The person served may enjoy many of the great activities that other Wyoming citizens enjoy: hunting, fishing, boating, skiing and hot air ballooning as well as shopping, movies or relaxing in their back yard. Homes are located in typical neighborhoods of Jackson, Lander or Riverton.

Resident in KitchenShared and Supported Living Residences are home settings staffed by trained professionals who provide quality instruction for people needing support in their daily lifestyles. Opportunities are provided for individuals to gain or perfect their living skills with the support and assistance tailored to individual needs.

Community Apartment Transitional Living Program provides the opportunity for individuals to perfect their independent living skills with support and assistance as needed from CES community living staff. Staff assistance provides a gradual fading process to independence for the adults we support.

Independent Living is the final step for people receiving community living support. Staff remain available to provide the assistance, support, and follow-up necessary for each person to achieve and to continue living at their maximum level of independence.
 Community Integration
  Resident at a Pow WowSkills such as personal appearance, social skills, stress management, communication, banking, cooking, leisure and educational skills are taught and enhanced through the Community Entry Services day habilitation program.

Classes at local community colleges, innovative methods of teaching reading, math and money management skills; and computer uses are educational options.

Senior citizens have the opportunity to participate in retirement based activities through local senior citizen centers as well as activities based in their home.

Sites and activities for teaching community skills are limited only to the needs and wants of the person using the day habilitation program.
  A job is an important part of all our lives. Community Entry Services helps people find work that best matches their skills and interests. In a cooperative effort between business and CES, employers find dependable, motivated and skilled workers. CES professional employment staff provide training, supervision and support to workers at a variety of businesses or through contract jobs done at CES sites. Each job is completed to the specifications and quality required by the employer.

Resident at a Pow WowThe Neat Repeat Stores teach people how to run cash registers; sort, display and price merchandise; and keep the appearance of a store neat and clean.

CES Recycling provides work through pick-up and drop-off sites for recyclable materials located in Fremont County. Recyclable materials include aluminum beverage cans, paper, cardboard and number 1 or 2 plastics.

Contract Work includes manufacturing, assembly, document destruction, and packaging; collating and sorting mailings.
 Supported Employment
  CES, through it's HIRE (helping individuals reach employment) program, knows that employers need motivated employees who can be counted on to be productive and trustworthy. We also know that there are many persons with disabilities who are willing and able to work and want a job. Community employment specialists work one-on-one to bring qualified job seekers together with employers who want a stable, dependable workforce.

Resident at workServices for People with Disabilities

The goal of supported employment for people with disabilities is to maximize independence by providing individualized opportunities to qualified job seekers, and to promote productive lives in the community through employment. This includes identifying employment needs, exploring career opportunities, developing marketable skills, setting goals to achieve career interests and increasing independence, productivity, and self sufficiency.

Services for Employers

The goal of supported employment for employers is to encourage various businesses throughout Wyoming to hire qualified, skilled employees who happen to have a disability. Employers will experience many benefits by hiring persons from this untapped labor market. This includes training for supervisors and co-workers, ADA consulting and training, task modification to accommodate special needs, and financial benefits.

What some of our employers say:

"James has worked for Western Appliance for approximately 2 years. He uses a wheelchair, but that doesn't slow him down. He has become an asset to our family owned business."
- Glenn and Elaine Darnall
"Sherry does and excellent job keeping our lobby clean at Arby's. She has very good customer service skills and keeps the customers happy.
- Les Geisler, Store Manager
"It has been a positive experience working with CES and DVR to fill openings at Mr. D's. The employment specialist knows the skills needed to perform a job and can match clients with appropriate jobs. There is follow-up provided to help make the job placement a success."
- Zachary Trumble, Store Manager
  A vocational or life skills evaluation provides information to an individual and the rehabilitation team when developing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. Evaluations identify a person's areas of strength and weakness, their learning styles, interests, and potential. They may consist of one or more of the following:

1. Psychometric Testing - assesses general cognitive functioning, reading and math skills, reasoning ability, gross and fine motor skills, information processing and response style, and most effective learning style. the information provided may assist in narrowing the selection of potential vocational choices.

2. Situational assessment - assesses work habits, social skills and behavior, learning style, interaction with co-workers and supervisors, vocational interests and work quality and quantity. Information is obtained in these areas through observation of the person while he/she works on an actual job at CES, in the community or both.

3. Life Skills Evaluation - is a functional evaluation conducted in the person's own home, a CES living site or supervised living in a community setting. CES staff assesses a person's knowledge, abilities and skills in the areas of: Activities of Daily Living; personal and social interaction at home and in community settings; receptive and expressive communication; problem solving skills; knowledge of community resources and services, and level of maturity.  The information gathered is used to determine the person's potential for independent community living and to make recommendations for services needed by the person to achieve the greatest possible level of independence.
  Community Entry Services encourages participation and explorations of leisure time activities for the individual served. Personal interests are identified and developed by the person and their team of professionals. Recreation promotes health, fitness, self-esteem, well-being and is a vital link between a person and their community.

Hunting, fishing, bowling and skiing are just a few of the many activities enjoyed by all individuales.
For further information write, ces@ces-usa.com, or call:
Community Entry Services
2441 Peck Avenue
Riverton, WY 82501
(307) 856-5576 phone
(307) 857-6901 fax
Applying for Services [ Back to Menu ]
  Adults or children who are diagnosed as having a developmental disability or brain injury are those best served by Community Entry Services Programs. The application process is accessed by contacting any CES office. Completed information may be faxed to Community Entry Services. The application you need is available here. See below for information explaining how to get the application.

Application for Services

Click on the image below to download a printable application for services.

Apply for ServicesDownload Acrobat Reader
Employment Opportunities [ Back to Menu ]
 Commonly asked questions about employment
  How many employees work for Community Entry Services?

CES employs approximately 260 staff.

What types of jobs are available at CES?

The Community Living Program is the largest program. This program provides services 16 hours per day, each week day and 24 hours per day on the weekends; thus, this program employs more staff than the day program. The positions associated with the community living program are called Rehabilitation Trainers with a duty roster specific for the Community Living Trainer. These positions start at $10.25 or $10.50 per hour depending on the shift worked. The day program provides services 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. The positions associated with the day program are also called Rehabilitation Trainers, with a duty roster specific for the Community Employment and Integration Trainer. These positions pay $9.50 per hour.

What are typical working hours?

Shifts vary. The Community Employment and Integration Trainer positions consist of daytime hours during the week. Most of these positions are filled with internal applicants. The Community Living Trainer positions consist of evening hours, weekend hours, or nighttime hours. This is the area where there is the biggest need for employees. Each home is staffed Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. - midnight and midnight - 8:00 a.m. with 24 hour coverage on the weekends. There are a variety of staffing patterns used at the sites to ensure adequate supervision for the individuals living in each home. Most homes have more than one staff person on shift during waking hours.

Does CES offer benefits?

All full time positions are eligible for benefits. The benefit package includes the following:

Health, Vision and Dental Insurance - Employee pays a portion ($55-$330/mo.) depending on the coverage selected.  Please call for exact amounts.

Life Insurance - Free for the employee

Vacation Benefits - approximately 10 days per year

Sick Leave Benefits - approximately 10 days per year

9 Paid Holidays or double time for all hours worked on the holiday

Retirement Benefits - after 1 year of employment

Employee Assistance Program through EAR

Corporate rates at Teton Courts in Riverton, High Mountain Fitness Center in Lander or Jackson Hole Athletic Club.

What qualifications do I need to work at CES?

For entry level positions you need a High School Diploma or equivalent, a valid driver's license, and a desire to work with people. You must also pass a background screening, including reference checks, Division of Criminal Investigation screening, FBI screening, Dept. of Transportation screening and a Dept. of Family Services screening. We provide training after you are hired.

How do I apply?

Complete an application and turn it in at one of our four Wyoming locations.

Application for Employment

Click on the image below to download a printable application for employment.  Completed information may be faxed to Community Entry Services.

Employment Application PageDownload Acrobat Reader
Contacting CES [ Back to Menu ]
  If you have a complaint or would like to seek information about any service provided by Community Entry Services, please contact our headquarters or any of the program directors.  
Riverton Headquarters
2441 Peck Avenue
Riverton, WY 82501
fax: 307-857-6901
Lander Office
177 North 3rd Street
Lander, WY 82520
fax: 307-332-7596
Jackson Office
140 East Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001
fax: 307-733-7675
Casper Office
800 Werner Court, Suite 265
Casper, WY 82601
fax: 307-577-3091
Reports [ Back to Menu ]
 Quality Outcome Measures
  Click the image below to download the Quality Outcome Measures Report.

Performance Analysis ReportDownload Acrobat Reader
 Annual Report
  Click the image below to download the Annual Report.

Annual ReportDownload Acrobat Reader
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